Located in the heart of Fitzrovia, London, Gallery DIFFERENT presents contemporary painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography and mixed media from BRITISH and INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS. As well as presenting a dynamic schedule of exhibitions and events, DIFFERENT collaborates with other galleries worldwide to promote and curate exhibitions for its artists.

Currently Showing

Society of Women Artists: Curator's Pick Sep 5 - 27

Frozen Deapths - Image

An exhibition featuring work by Invited Members of the Society of Women Artists. Selected from the SWS annual show at the Mall Galleries and invited to submit work, the exhibition is curated by Gallery Director Karina Phillips and follows the exhibition 'Tender' in 2013 which exclusively featured female artists. Names of selected artists to be made public at the end of July.

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Frozen Deapths - By Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf


Future Events

Denis Bowen - Retrospective Oct 10 - Nov 1

Planet Fringe Diptych

Among his peers Denis Bowen remains one of the most respected artists of the post war period. His is work held in important public and private collections all over the world, and yet his name is not so familiar to todays art buyers and collectors. Since 2011 the gallery has been working with the Denis Bowen Estate to catalogue the unsold archive of work and has exhibited his works on canvas and on paper in group exhibitions and last year in a solo exhibition alongside the renowned Spanish expressionist Rafael Canogar. This will be the first opportunity since his death in 2006 to view an extensive collection of his work, all of which will be available to purchase.

Following the solo show at the Gallery the exhibition will move to Bowen's home town of Huddersfield where Robert Hall in association with Gallery Different will present a solo show and from there to Dean Clough, demonstrating the influence and importance of Denis Bowen.

Planet Fringe Diptych - By Denis Bowen 2002


Living Legends / Less We Forget Nov 7 - Nov 15

Louise Gibling - Photograph
Lest We Forget

World Leading body cast sculptor Louise Giblin is to exhibit new sculptures based on hand casts of 10 serving and retired members of the British Military who each served in different wars from 1941 – 2009. This will be in support of the British Legion. Alongside this Louise will exhibit her Living Legends, a well known group of models that includes Michael Portillo, Olympiand and former Chariman of the British Olympic Association Lorde Colin Moynihan, Duncan Goodhew MBE, skier Heather Mills, skater Dan Whiston and sould singer Reuben Richards.

There will be a number of events during the exhibition. The opening preview evening on 6th November is strictly by invitation only. Saturday 8th November Louise will be present for a ‘meet the artist’ event which is an open event but rsvps are required. There will be a public commemorative evening on November 11th from 6.30 – 9pm which will focus on the Lest we Forget series and will include commemorative readings. On November 13th there will be a performance of ‘Tilly Crumb – It’ll be Over by Christmas”, tickets for this event will be available to purchase shortly.

Top: Louise Giblin, Bottom: Lest We Forget – By Louise Giblin


‘A Splendid Isolation – Part II’ Chris Moon Nov 17 – Nov 22

Chris Moon

As seen in the first Splendid Isolation show, Moon transfers the impression a Californian road trip left on him on to canvas and unique works on paper. Translated in a bold palette, are memories and experiences that distort and often destroy the initial preconceptions of places one accumulates through films and magazines. Each painting in this series has a new invasive quality, be it through colour or composition, whilst Moon's obsession with containment still heavily radiates. Antagonistic yet appeasing, and at once destroying the peace, yet calming the chaos, the works transmit an existential tug of war between the seduction of a city and a longing for the quiet calm of the beach and the ocean.

Artwork by Chris Moon


‘Sleep Art’ Nov 25 – Nov 30

Sleep Art

Ibis Sleep Art Exhibition will display the works of 12 artists inspried by sleep. The exhibition will feature the Sweet Bed by Ibis™ Each night during the exhibition artists will sleep in the bed and create a new work of art inspired by that night’s sleep. The exhibition will grow daily, becoming an installation space for the exploration of sleep and creativity.


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