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Cascade Triptych - Denis Bowen, Oil on Canvas - (3x) 37 x 122 cm - 1992

The Art Buyers Club exists under the umbrella of Gallery DIFFERENT and its aim is to support members who would like to invest in art and enjoy adding to or indeed starting an art collection. Since the mid twentieth century the performance of fine art as an investment suggests that it should be a component in any diverse investment portfolio, but we recognise that investors often have neither the time nor the knowledge to feel confident in making acquisitions in this complex market place.

The benefits of club membership will include:

  • access to expert advice, assistance and support, which can include an assessment of needs and preferences to offer a bespoke selection;

  • the ‘inside track’ on information about a diverse range of art and artists, particularly those who are establishing a reputation;

  • access to a secondary market within the club to enable members to sell works at their current market value and this would include an ability to return artworks for credit against another purchase;

  • introduction to the concept, philosophy and benefits of acting as a collective which can actively influence the performance of the owned art, for although art works are bought by individuals, a team strategy will improve the possibilities of a good financial return.

  • access to external expertise available to assist members maximizing the tax advantages available in relation to their acquisition (eg holding the art as part of their Self Invested PensionPlan);

  • Advice on hanging or placing art including site specific selections or commissions;

  • Regular events such as exclusive viewings of potential investment works, talks, demonstrtions, regular newsletters and an exclusive member only website.

The Art buyers Club is created to make collecting art fun, informative and profitable. At the simplest level we advocate buying art that gives you pleasure, because living with good art is a reward in itself.

For the Corporate collector, the art on the walls can say a lot about your company, differentiating you from the competition whilst adding to the company''s asset base.

How to become part of the Art Buyers Club...

Access to the club is by invitation to club evenings where you will be able to meet the team, learn more about the club and view our art selection and simply enjoy a lively social evening with other like minded dynamic people.

Membership is gained through your first purchase at whatever level.


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