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Keith Haynes Biography (b. 1963)

Born in London, on leaving Harrow Art School with a BA(hons) Keith worked as a designer and director at the BBC, making some of the most influential music and arts programmes of the past 20 years.

Keith’s work is a playful and often nostalgic exploration of popular culture and in particular, popular music culture where he has created a remarkable niche within the pop art genre.

Noteworthy for his interesting choice of materials, creating works from the ‘clutter’ of pop culture – button badges, CD’s or, more uniquely, vinyl records. Whether it’s a graphically iconic portrait or a meaningful song lyric, each piece is created from original vinyl records chosen to enhance the subject matter; in these works the Subject and the Object are of equal importance.

In a digital world where music has lost touch with the visual and the visceral, my work explores the art forms of popular music culture – album sleeves, record labels, badges and, of course, beautiful black vinyl – not only as the subject but also the raw materials.   My work is unapologetically nostalgic, harking back to another time but also looking forward; nostalgic and hopeful at the same time ”.

His current work is exhibited internationally and can be found in private collections in the UK, across Europe, America, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.


Artpop, Solo exhibition, Gallery Different, 2015

Henley Festival, Gallery DIfferent, 2014 - 2015

Edinburgh Art Fair, Gallery Different, 2014-2015

Art Partnership Joint Show, Wey Gallery, Godalming, 2013
STRARTA art fair, Gallery Different, Saatchi Gallery, London, 2013
Houston Art Fair, Woolff Gallery, Texas, 2013
Goodwood Festival, Gallery Different, Chichester, 2013
Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, Fflow Gallery, London, 2013
Bowie, White Cloth Gallery, London, 2013
Affordable Art Fair Battersea, Fflow Gallery, London
Winter Collective, Gallery Different, London, 2012
Art Edinburgh, Number Nine Gallery, Edinburgh, 2012
Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, Woolff Gallery, London, 2012
Art Nexus, Art Paso Gallery, Madrid, 2012
Exhibition of Royal Art, Art Trove, Singapore, 2012
London Calling, Gallery Different, London, 2012
Kiss, Gallery Different, London, 2012
Help, Gallery Different, London, 2011
This Side of The Channel, Video Positive, ICA, London, 1993

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