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Laura Beaumont

Laura Beaumont is an Emmy Award winning animation writer who studied Time Based Media at The Cass London. She has created hundreds of hours of television, written and illustrated lots of books and is a pointless answer on Pointless.

 Through her work in the tradition of book art, Laura uses the pre-existing media of antiquarian books to explore the subtext of human interaction. By simultaneously de constructing and re constructing she creates small vignettes within the pages of old books. 

‘I feel that the process I use is somewhat ‘Frankenstinian’ as, by means of a sharp instrument, I bring to life my own creation by ruthlessly slicing and combining it with the working parts of someone elses. 

Although I am exploring the words and images that unfold in my hand and in my mind during my journey through the pages of the book – the final piece will always allow the audience a degree of interpretation.’


Previous Exhibitions:

2015 ‘Bleed Between the Lines ‘– Solo exhibition - The Cobb Gallery Camden.

2016 ‘Bleed Between the Lines – Continues’ – Solo exhibition  - The Society Club Soho. 

2016 ‘All Our Hearts beat As One’ – Gallery Different, London.

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